General Labor

Chainsaw labor, general labor at Property Works of Central Texas

After land clearing operations, the role of a general labor crew becomes an important role for clean up. The remaining areas around large trees and intricate landscapes, need more attention to detail than what the larger machines can do. This is where our general labor crew steps in, bridging the gap between machine clearing. This type of detailed work needed by hand is what truly brings out the beauty and potential of your property.

Our team is equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to handle a variety of tasks that machinery can't manage effectively. Chainsaw labor is a critical service we offer, allowing us to carefully shape and manage the trees and larger shrubs on your property. Hand tool work is another cornerstone of our services, providing the precision needed for removing smaller debris, refining edges, and enhancing the natural curves of your land. For projects that require new structures or features, our crew is available for post-hole digging, setting the foundation for fences, signs, and more!

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