Excavation Services

At Property Works of Central Texas, we understand the significance of maintaining and enhancing the value of your property. With our comprehensive excavation services, we are dedicated to transforming your land into a more functional and aesthetically pleasing space. Our team, equipped with the machinery and knowledge, is here to tackle all your heavy-duty digging needs, ensuring precision and efficiency in every task we undertake.

From Mesquite Grubbing, which involves the removal of invasive shrubbery, to Pond Reclamation aimed at restoring your water features to their former glory, we've got you covered. Our services extend to Stump and Tree Removal, providing a clear area for future projects, or to simply enhance the safety and appearance of your property. We also specialize in Demolition, Trench Digging, Culvert Installation, Septic Installation, and Storm Shelter Installation, ensuring that every aspect of your land improvement needs is met with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Choosing Property Works of Central Texas means opting for a partner who values your property as much as you do. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands. Contact us today at 512-940-9353 to discuss your project needs and let us help you transform your vision into reality. We're here to make your property work for you! Call today for a quote!

List of our services utilizing excavation:


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